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Travelling through Alaska, I was continuously observing the clouds. They were changing and reforming, in every second. I’ve never seen a vaster sky before! This was the first time in my life that I felt completely free, between these massive mountains, transparent clouds and many different shades of blue.

This summer was special, filled with mixed emotions and many thoughts, purple coloured thoughts. This was the time when I wanted to be freed from my fears and insecurities, to find my own truth. During my masters degree, I was chosen to be part of a mission in the Yukon and I had the chance, for a whole month, to walk in the wild, sleep in the woods and enjoy really long summer days, under the vast blue sky.

And this is true, I have never seen a greater sky in my life!

I felt like hovering… How will I use my freedom?

I recall a film named “Into the Wild”, with a guy who abandoned his life (money, family, friends) to be free. But in the end, he wanted to shape his freedom. He created a house out of an old bus in the middle of nowhere and he gathered decorations, paintings, poems and herbs.

Our need to be creative gives meaning to shapes, the lines and curves. Imagine the void, which is absolute freedom. It’s terrifying to be hovering in the middle of the universe.

What is freedom?

I think this word, on its own, has no value. Its value can be found on how I manage and use it, in order to give shape and colour to what I feel deep inside, based on my morals and my taste.

It’s amazing to have the freedom of choice!

But after you make a choice,  you need to set limits to be able to evolve it or the whole thing evaporates. It’s something like a mist, traveling like a cloud in the vast blue sky, flying away continuously. When it takes color and shape, it doesn’t mean that it disappears too, but it gets more specific. This means that it also becomes more important and valuable, because you can understand it and make a better use of it.

I would like to make choices and set small objectives but at the same time, I want to have my mind clear and be able to observe the world from many different perspectives.

Once, I saw the figure of an imprisoned man, staring at the moon. He was speaking to it about freedom. He thought, “The moon today, is like your face”. Oh how much he wanted to travel, out there under the starry sky! The moon looked at him with sadness in its eyes and whispered: “You are free”. The man looked at it, flooded with gratitude and realized that behind these bars, it was the moon which was imprisoned. “Why did they imprison you, these savages?” Freedοm is a state of mind…

I trust my journey! I believe in my dreams and create my objectives. The most important thing in life is to know the truth about yourself. I have three standards and I use them to see the world: the Element of Originality, the Element of Aesthetics and the Element of Morality. Of course, these may differ in every person.

I will create my own world and it’s going to be the realest of all because I believe in it.

There is no common reality. We create perfection. We can find freedom only when we are dreaming. I believe there is one more word that can fill any gaps that still exist here. The word is ”Want”. This word is the one that bares the weight of responsibility.

In Dreams Begins Responsibility

W. H. Auden

We are each responsible for the dreams that we have. The things we wish to do with our lives are ours to choose, but we are not just responsible for them, we are also responsible for those dreams we have, but never fulfill. Our actions  determine our journey…

I lay down, under the northern sky, gazed at the northern lights and closed my eyes, without thinking. Let myself be part of the magic of this pure place which inspired me. I listened to the earth and felt the energy inside my body.



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