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There is no better feeling than waking up Sunday morning under a soft and warm blanket. I really like waking up at the house with our pictures, the bookshelf with the decorative bottles, the desks next to the large windows, the paintings, recipes, tea, herbs and avocado plants. Every Sunday my home has a sweet smell of baked cookies, a smell so familiar since I was a child. I always prepare a rich breakfast, jasmine flavoured tea and pancakes with honey, vegan cupcakes, and cereal with milk or chocolate cream. Then I turn on the music from the French radio station “fip” and I open the huge windows, where time changes the colours and paintings in the large room.

The four seasons and the landscape harmoniously change throughout the years…

I have lived in more than five houses. Places in my hometown or far from it, with views of the forest, sea, gardens or grey buildings, with or without flatmates, everything having its own energy inside the place, changing through the seasons and years. The city I was born is the place where my childhood memories reside. Smells, Persian carpets, the big clock in the living room, too many small decorative items on the mantlepiece and the white laces on the curtains, complete the puzzle of my childhood picture.

When I left home for the first time, I discovered different sides of myself. 

The truth is that the places we live in, shape who we are. Houses change just like me in shape, color, size, material and style. 

My parents broke up when I was five and I always had two homes and two bedrooms to call my own. So I always took care of my room’s decoration and character. And I felt that in each home I was adopting a different character, as each house had a different kind of energy that was familiar to me. I believe this is the reason why I can adapt easily in my life, when changes happen and rediscover my space everywhere. And I can build a home wherever I’m developing and feel close to people, regardless of the climate, culture or language. I embrace changes and love wandering.

Once I went to a painting workshop and our teacher told us to draw a fantastic tree inside a cave within a couple of minutes. The results were very interesting, an extraordinary exhibition of tree pictures came to life, each with its own story!

You could see naked trees, trees covered in pink clouds, trees with diamonds instead of leaves, others with many roots, trees with branches so long, that they could pierce the cave and reach the light. My tree had blue leaves, red fruits and hovering roots. It could travel around, ignoring the laws of nature. In my story, the cave had mysterious powers that they could allow me to wander around the world.

I think that the ideal house for me is exactly where my heart resides. It loves to travel with me and the windows always have a view of the four seasons.

Perhaps in my previous life I was a snail. Wherever I go I always take my shell with me, my memories, ideas, aesthetics, warmness, secrets, music, deep conversations and cocktail parties! ”Home” is not just a building for me, but something deeper. It is the place I feel myself, familiar and creative.

My balcony in the Czech Republic, every summer has a secret garden of strawberries, mint, basil, sage and lavender. One day I decided to grow an avocado seed. I knew the chances were slim that an avocado could migrate to central Europe, as the avocado was born in Mexico and it loves warm tropical climates. Despite that, the avocado grew up fast in the summer and it became monstrous! So, I decided to plant three more seeds and to my surprise, I’ve now created tropical jungle next to my windows even during winter!

Our home is not the place we were born, but the one that fills us with happiness.

My house has huge windows with a view of the four seasons… It moves throughout the year and changes just like me.

The  sky in winter has a melancholic and relaxing color. It’s a beautiful season to have conversations over warm tea. Every now and then, we observe thousands of crows hiding in tree branches, creating unique images on the white canvas of the snow.

In the middle of March, spring arrives with the colors of cherry blossoms and almond trees. The rooms beauty increases, the light sculpts the morning breeze that gives movement to the forgotten imagination. During summer, I can create dreamy gardens in my balcony and we can stay and stargaze over a mojito cocktail.

At the end, Autumn is the time of creativity, arriving with a yellow umbrella and red leaves. The time of change is here.

Everything flows…

My home is my base, the place that I will always return to, after the daily grind of life and big journeys. It is my shelter, the place I read, rest, dream, get inspired, host friends, share my secrets and plan my future.



Ι’m an adventurer who loves art, nature & science. I’ve studied geology & explored colourful volcanoes around the world. When I’m not lost in writing, I’m usually doing some sort of aerial acrobatics and flying to unknown destinations. I want my stories to encourage people to travel and discover new places.